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Ride Reports

MGVC Weekend Ride Report 6th and 7th February 2016

Saturday 6th - 10 riders

Despite the torrential downpour and blustery conditions two rides set out on Saturday morning intent on beating the weather.



Chris Porter led a route to the Eureka cafe in Two Mills for seven intrepid riders determined to sample the cafe's famous 'beans and a spare'. He reports, "The weather was very wet with a quite bit of wind. The peloton worked extremely well as a team. Paul Arthur did excellently well to stay with the group. Chain gang skills were tested and perfected by the group - keeping the average speed very respectable... The coffees in Eureka were amazing. Patrick missed these though after choosing to head straight home. Unfortunately a mudguard technical forced him to get a taxi back from Chester!  All in all, for the rest if us, a very rewarding and fun 50 miles!"


Copy and paste this link into your browser for a flavour of the Eureka cafe:


Search For a Trout

Carol Williams went for a shorter but no less wet route with three riders scooting around Bangor on Dee, Shocklach and Farndon with a cheeky visit to Dave Tierney's house to pick up some trout for supper (baked with garlic I understand). Possibly a first for MGVC with a jersey pocket containing more fish than gels. A sodden thirty miles in the bag. Plus some trout... |n another bag...


Sunday 7th February - 44 riders

Better conditions allowed three rides out from Alf's with a prompt 9am start. Gwynn Evans's event invite system appears to be having a positive effect.


Tilly's Tally Ho through Banger on Dee, Malpas, Bickerton and Bunbury

Three groups set off at six minute intervals - safety first! Stuart Wilkinson led a pacy first group full of young and eager whippersnappers and seasoned pros. Stuart describes the ride: "The pace of the fast 12 strong group left some exhausted but it was great to be out on a bright, windy morning. Average speed to Malpas was 18mph. We missed a turning near Cholmondeley and ended up doing a couple of extra nice lanes to get back on our route. Other groups passed by whilst Simon fixed his puncture. I'd have been very happy to join Gwynn's group that were doing a much more attractive pace. Tilly's did a good job as ever. It was packed leading to quite a long stop as a few ordered panini and bacon toasties. Which was fine until Chris Porter ordered a pudding as well! We resumed the blistering pace into the wind on the way back. I was yoyo-ing off the back until Churton/Carden Park. It became a race home and a bit disorganised after that. I ended up cruising home with Rob who was also done in. A big up to Nigel who rode it on a fixy this morning. Chapeau." Chris Porter also commented, "It was very tough today. I was dropped close to home but thoroughly enjoyed it. The pace started very high as we had some strong riders dragging the pace - that said everybody (myself included) enjoyed the pace until the coffee stop. It was the journey home that had my legs were screaming. We could have worked a bit better as a team on that leg and maybe took a bit off it to suit all. Very well marshalled indeed by Stuart controlling such a strong group.."


Gwynn Evans led the second group off. "Our eight-strong group rode a well ordered ride at our requested average speed.  No coffee stop was agreed at the start, as we didn't want to pack Tilly's or, more importantly, upset Carol again. Our coffee stop was Alf's and was most welcome.  We did have a family disaster when Catrin hit a water filled pothole near the Cock o Barton and flipped off her bike with husband Shaun almost off as well.  Both punctured but we found out how Shaun keeps up with Mrs Smith - she carries all the spares!"


Mark Bond (member number 007) was route master for the final group of seven. Ride discipline was well ordered. With guest rider Geoff Hughes riding for the first time in a group, a sometimes feisty pace did not prevent compact group riding and good sharing of the wind. Tilly's proved to be very welcoming and... you must try the chocolate, almond and peanut butter cake... hmmm, cake... Around the back of Carden Park there was a faint whiff of something herbal emanating from a smoke-filled hatchback...  Perhaps the group got the munchies because the pace upped towards Alf's and/or as Sunday lunch approached.


The Elephant run or 'Lost in Ness'.

The B-ride today set out for Parkgate with thirteen riders heading for the Elephant cafe on the promenade. Ride route masters Carol and Peter Williams (no relation) led a very eventful ride. Carol describes a close encounter with some big birds. "We had two punctures and a strong headwind on the way there before we lost our second route master to a different cafe. The route on the way home was 'shepherded' by Graham who led us a merry dance around Queensferry. Quite out of the blue we had a near miss with four peacocks near Doddleston. I also also have admit I nearly became a candidate for the 'Chris Crash' award when I just missed a bollard." Peter Williams adds "I had a very senior moment and clearly ignored my sat nav, and rode around Ness Gardens several times. Our average speed was 13 mph and we completed 47 miles in total. We modified the route on the way home to get out of the wind. It was good to chance upon Alan Edwards in Net's cafe"


New beginnings

Club Chair, Fraser Crewe took a small group of riders who are relatively new to the sport on a pleasant route through Bangor on Dee, Shocklach and Farndon. Husband and wife combo Graham and Sarah along with Peter - on only his second ride with us - did well and are looking to take on longer and faster rides. Sarah suffered a puncture just after Bangor on Dee - the second in two weeks - which was expertly repaired by Fraser. The coffee stop was at Cleopatra's in Holt which proved to provide great food and great service. The ride distance was around 25 miles.



Routes for Valentine's Day are already posted on the club Facebook page and website. Enjoy!!


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