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Ride Times
We frequently have discussions concerning ride times, attempting to balance the need for some members to get out early with those wanting a more leisurely weekend.
To this end we have instigated a system of official ride leaders for each of the club ride groups. These leaders select and publish the route they wish to follow and determine the start time and pace. In general however the selected start time for club rides on a Sunday is 9:00 or 09.30, although longer rides may start at 8:30 due to their very nature of taking longer!

The committee recognises that some members will wish to opt for start times later in the morning, possibly in the afternoon. Indeed a number of rides are already taking place outside recognised club rides and this is absolutely not an issue, all the Committee would suggest is that when these rides are arranged that a member takes responsibility for the ride and ensures a Route Leader is in place and that club etiquette is followed. Please feel free to post these rides on the Facebook pages to agree numbers etc. Again the official club routes are available for all to use as well as discovering new routes in the locality.

With effect from 1st April 2019 official club rides on a Wednesday:

• All Rides will begin at 18:00

All official club rides will always have official Route Leaders and will be publicised on the club Facebook Ride Page. We will endeavour to keep groups to manageable sizes of maximum 8 (can be multiple) and agree group speeds before leaving promptly at the above times.

All rides will meet at Alf Jones Cycles where we would ask all attendees to respect the privacy of local residents, congregate to the left of the car park nearer the shop entrance with bikes and if parking to utilise spaces to the right of the building towards the back of the carpark.

Website and Facebook.

This website is the official face of Marford and Gresford Velo Club All official notices are published here.
In addition we run several Facebook pages, the official Club Page, a Members only page, and a page to publish club rides.

All official rides are published on the rides page. In addition all club members are free and encouraged to post their own organised ride on this page.



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