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Club Routes

M&G have a set of routes we use, currently this stands at over 150 but we are always looking to add to these. That isn't to say we only ride these routes, however, we have created these routes to help people understand the sorts of rides we go on and to give people new to the area a helping hand on finding in their way around.

The link below directs you to our routes listed on the RidewithGPS website.  They can be downloaded in a variety of formats - the most popular one being gpx format which is supported by most bike GPS systems. Some of the routes are complete with turn by turn directions.


We are implementing categories to help members understand what to expect on a club ride. These are to be found on our Ride Type page under this heading.

The rides are published on our private club Facebook pages in the form of event invitations and advise which category each ride is planned as.
Please ensure you select the correct group to ride with, ride within your capability at all times.


Our club routes are numbered for simplicity. When a ride is organised we aim to publish which route has been chosen via our facebook page, which allows members and newcomers to check the route, download it if they wish and ensure it is suitable for them.

To download routes
RidewithGPS supports lots of different route devices (Garmin, MiO, Wahoo, Lezyne) and also smartphone apps (Strava, mapmyride etc). How to utilise a route depends on the device, but generally GPX based routes are the most flexible. To download one of our routes, click on any of the route links above and then, when the route web page appears, click on the 'export' tab. Within that tab are various export options, clicking on GPX Track (.gpx) will allow you to download that track to your computer. How you then upload that to your phone/device is dependent on the device (for a Garmin 800 for example, move the .gpx file into the New Files folder). Just in case you didn't follow that, here is a short video... Just press the play button...

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