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Meeting Minutes

We don't have a lot of official meetings, as we're usually too busy riding, but if we do have anything official then we'll post the minutes here!


IGM Minutes

So, we finally had an official meeting, our Inaugural General Meeting. Click on the link to read the minutes.


While we won't publish full committee minutes; here is a bulleted synopsis from the last meeting held on 27th Jan 2016.

  • Attended by: Gino Paletta (GP), Carol Williams (CW); Nick Cartmel (NC); Fraser Crewe (FC); Gwynn Evans (GE); Russ Almond (RA); Gavin Rushton (GR); Rich Griffith (RG); Karen Griffith (KG); Jason Kelsall (JK);

  • Notes from previous meeting held 02-12-15 were read out by RG and action points were confirmed as complete (mainly relating to ongoing web site development, xmas party, & brunch ride events)

  • GE confirmed the balance of the current account was healthy following the recent "surge" in memberships which now stand at 102 (78 male & 24 female). There are currently 8 members from last year who have not re-joined.

  • Social Events

  • KG outlined the plans for a number of events for 2016 :

    • Wine Tasting Evening

    • North Wales Coast Ride with overnight stay

    • Hog Roast & Live Music Night

    • KG & RG are the main organisers and will post updates on the committee FB page / Website

    • FC confirmed that Wrexham Golf Club has availability for our Christmas Party - date TBC

  • Club Rides & Sportive's

    • A lively debate over all aspects of club rides a Club Ride Sub-Committee will meet to discuss further.

    • In the meantime GE is to "experiment" using the Facebook events feature for a couple of rides on 7th Feb

    • GR is to select a number of sportive's for club entry and update us on the committee FB page

    • A beginners ride (C ride) is to be promoted for Sunday 31st Jan.

  • Charity & Community

    • JK has prepared an editorial for Essentials Magazine for publication in due course

    • JK to set up a "Presentation" with Pedal Power to handover our charity donation

  • Web Site

    • Launch date of 1st Feb 2016 is still on schedule. NC is now happy with the look of the home page

  • Membership Cards

    • NC has produced Membership Cards for all paid up members and will be handed to Pete Calkin at AJC to issue out to members

  • MGVC Kit discussed.

  • RA raised the point about further club sponsorship from un-tapped sources and will be looking to recruit new sponsors to propose at the next committee meeting

  • Chairman FC summarised the meeting and in particular mentioned Mr Nick Cartmel for his excellent contribution re the web site and membership cards which was seconded by the rest of the committee


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